Tile and Stone work:

Installation of:

Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Metal, Quarry, Granite, Marble, Slate, Travertine & Limestone tiles.


Counter tops:

We offer counter tops made from all of the above materials in tile or full size slab form.


Tile, Grout and Stone Maintenance:


We can Clean, Polish, Acid wash, Power scrub, Hand wash and or Scrub as required for the proper maintenance of your tile, stone and grout.


Grout Repair:

Loose or damaged grout can be removed color matched and replaced as needed.


Unlike the companies who claim to re grout your entire job, we will only repair the damaged or stained areas of grout because in order for grout to stay put; it requires that the old grout be removed to at least 50% of the depth of the original installation, and this is a very time consuming  process which requires the use of very expensive diamond or carbide tooling to do; in most cases it would cost more to properly remove the old grout than to replace the entire effected area. 

The companies who claim to re grout your whole bathroom for $599.00 are only cleaning the old grout and smearing new grout over the top of the old and at best this will last a few months before it starts falling off and then it looks worse than before they started. 



After cleaning and repairing your job, we can seal all types of tile, stone and grout, using all of the available types of sealers as required for your installation whether it be indoors or out and at all different levels of protection from 1 to 15 year rated products in both water borne and solvent based.


Stone Enhancement:

After cleaning and repairing your job, we can seal and enhance the luster and depth of your natural stone products, using chemical enhancement and sealing products.



Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling:

We offer full service bathroom & Kitchen remodeling:

Working with other local contractors decorators, plumbers, carpenters, painters, plasterers, electricians, etc. we are able to provide the complete project on time done right, we do not try to do everything ourselves we use the right professional for each phase of the project.